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Posted On: 04/18/2021
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Computer Accessories
Printer Cartridges - 0$
Posted On: 02/05/2021
HP Printer Cartridges
910: 1 BlackXL; 1 Three-Pack (Cyan; Magenta; Yellow)
950: 2 BlackXL
951: 2 YellowXL; 2 MagentaXL; 1 CyanXL 703-470-3571
General For Sale
Baldwin Model 5 Electronic Organ,Baldwin/Leslie Tone Cabinet - $0.00   (New Ad)
Posted On: 05/11/2021
1950s Electronic Organ which has had a long hard life. It is a good electronics opportunity which uses vacuum
tubes and discrete components in both the console and the tone cabinet. Some spare vacuum tubes are available. Some notes do not sound. The last time it was worked on the problem was solved by replacing some capacitors in the tone generators. It has a radiating pedal board but it does not conform to current AGO standards. The tone cabinet's Leslie function is noisy. When the Leslie function is unplugged, the tone cabinet functions well. The organ cabinet shows many years of wear but could be refinished. The console could be used for a Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ.
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