Craftsman Z-3000 Zero Turn -SALVAGE / GOOD PARTS AVAILABLE - negotiable, anything considered
Posted On: 12/27/2021
I Had A Mower Mishap Recently...

Craftsman Z-3000 Zero turn, with a solid 42 inch deck, new blades and spindles on the deck, I upgraded to solid rubber front tires, they are still good, rear tires are worn but still hold air. The plastic motor fan cowling melted in a brief fire, some of the wiring harness gone now, also melted, plastic body panel on left side with gas tank melted so its been removed. 22hp Kholer Engine had 650 hours on it when fire happened, so its getting up there in hours, but it ran perfect before this. Mower was professionally maintained every year owned before this, including oil changes and tune ups, filters, all that jazz. Fire was caused by dry leaves that caught on the hot muffler. It burned for about 3 minutes before I could put it out with a hose.
I honestly don't know how much of the engine is worth saving, but anything metal survived, so parts like the starter motor and solenoids are all still good.

Looking to part out whats left of the mower to anyone who might need them. Plenty of good parts on this wreck. Take parts off it you need or take the whole thing. Any offer considered on any part of it or even the whole thing. The bagger parts are still functional despite the large hood being partially melted. (meaning if you wanted the bagger system it will work as it always did, its just a bit ugly now)
I can also deliver to you. Feel free to E-mail with any questions.
949-929-9151 text or leave message, any time is ok
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