Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are guests permitted to use the boat ramp for launch/retrieval of their own boat?
    Guests of Members/Associate Members may launch a boat from the dock so long as the Member/Associate Member is present at all times.  This includes being on the boat trip with the guest.  
  • Are there restrictions on what I can build on my property?
    Hallowing Point is a residential community of wooded home sites featuring residential homes of individual design utilizing the natural topography to the maximum extent possible. To ensure preservation of the community character, all site plans, specifications, plats, and plans for external design of all improvements in Hallowing point must be approved by the Board of Directors.  Specific guidelines can be found in the architectural guidelines section of the Association Documents on this site.
  • Does the Association have any social gatherings?
    Yes!  The Hallowing Point Association has a variety of social events that are organized by the HP Board of Directors Social Chairman.  You can find a list of these events elsewhere on this site.
  • How do I find more answers to other questions not shown here?
    The Association Documents section of this website has the latest versions of the Association's bylaws and covenants which provide many answers relating to the operation of the Hallowing Point Association.  You can scan through the documents or use the Site Search feature of the web site to find the answers that you want.  In addition, the links section of the site provides links to local websites that will provide a wealth of local knowledge.
  • How much are the Association Dues and when are they due?
    Annual HPA dues are officially due on March 1. The fee is $300 for a lot with house and $150 for a lot without house.  The grace period is one month after which a 9 % penalty applies. Dues may be paid at the Annual Meeting or received no later than April 1--to the HPA Treasurer, P.O. Box 63, Lorton, VA 22199.
  • I live on the river. Are there any additional restrictions on what I can do on my lot?
    The Virginia General Assembly enacted the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act in 1988.  The Bay Act program is designed to improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay and other waters of the State by requiring the use of effective land management and land use planning. This act sets out "Resource Protection Areas" (RPA) around all waters that are a part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  River lots here in Hallowing Point are covered under this act so before making any changes to your property, be sure to consult to ensure that you are in compliance.
  • May I rent the Point for private parties?
    Yes you can!  You may rent the entire Point or just the pavillion for a small fee. See Section 7.1.6 of the Bylaws for more details.
  • What time is the U.S. mail delivered?
    Mail is delivered Monday through Saturday in the afternoon.  It usually arrives between 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM based on the carrier's workload
  • Where can I pick up HP car stickers or a key to the dock area?
    New members can pick up these items from the Hallowing Point Treasurer.
  • Who is responsible for enforcing the rules regarding the community property?
    If a member witnesses another witness disregarding the rules of community property, the Hallowing Point Board has always encouraged Members/Associate Members to try to work out issues before asking the Board to get involved.  If a member witnesses an act of trespass, vandalism, drug use, or any other illegal act, the member is encouraged to contact the Fairfax County Police.
  • Who picks up the Trash?
    Hallowing Point is serviced by two private companies, Republic Services and Charlie and Sons.  These companies offer trash service, recycling and special item pick up.  Please visit each company's website for more information on their services and pick up schedules.