A History of Hallowing Point By Our Local Historian
Shad Fishery Operating on Hallowing Point (future site of Gunston Manor in background) - circa 1890
Janet Cole, our ex officio historian and long time resident of Hallowing Point has, through extensive research, put together a history of the Hallowing Point area.  Below you will find her work written in eight parts.  While some parts are based on written accounts and some parts anecdotal, it is all informative as well as interesting to see how the land that we now call home has developed over time.
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Part 1 - Who Lived Here Before
Part 2 - George Mason's Land Holdings
Part 3 - The Mason Years
Part 4 - The Line of Succession
Part 5 - Craney Island
Part 6 - The Great Marsh and The Causeway
Part 7 - Traffic on the River
Part 8 - River History
Another interesting bit of history that we have in our archive is the original sales brochure for the Hallowing Point River Estates 
You can see this brochuere by clicking on this link.  
Hallowing Point River Estates Brochure